Ilkley Harriers training

Ilkley Harriers offers a program of training for its members (prospective members may try out a few sessions before they join).
In general all the sessions here are for senior (aged 16+), current, members of Ilkley Harriers, only.
(Junior training sessions are described on the Junior Harriers web site.)
All sessions are 'for all abilities'.

Current Programme

When Where What
Tuesday 7pm ILT&SC Main Club run
Wednesday 7pm Old Bridge Speed session with Pete Shields (starts again in September)
Thursday 7pm Ilkley Moor Speed/strength with Neil
7.45pm Old Bridge Road speed session with Jane (starts again in September)
Saturday 7.45am Old Bridge Road speed/endurance session with Neil
9.30am Old Bridge Trail run

Check out the latest sessions on the Training Forum

15-18? Read about the training for younger runners here.

See the Run Library where we hope to map all the favourite Tuesday night runs, and other Harriers recommended runs too.

Evening training, remember to 'Go with the Fluo'

Notice: It is important on the evening Club runs to give a lot of consideration to your visibility to car drivers.
A fluorescent top helps you stand out in poor lighting conditions.
Reflective trim on your clothing will show up in car headlights.
A flashing red LED light attached to your clothing can help too (but take care with head-torches as they could dazzle car drivers).

Don't forget too to bring a phone or other form of identify like a wrist band in case of emergency.


Circuit Training for runners

Starts again in September, on the darker and cooler evenings.


Mr John's Blipfoto

On the main club night, we meet at Ilkley Lawn Tennis & Squash Club at 7pm, when training is preceded by announcements of race results and future events. Splendid changing and shower facilities are available. A variety of training runs and sessions is informally organised each evening to cater for a range of abilities on the roads (and, now the lighter months are here, yippee, on the paths and moors above Ilkley). Experienced runners lead each group and typically there would be groups doing long, steady runs at various paces; a shorter run suitable for beginners; and either a hill or fartlek session.

NB our use of the facilities does not include the main car park, which is reserved for ILTSC club members. Please park on the grass field or in the back car park (follow the track).


(Carnegie Track speed session)

Notice: the track sessions have temporarily moved to the Old Bridge (Ilkley) and the return to the track venue will be reviewed in the Spring of 2017. Led by Pete Shields.

Taking a break for the summer, starts again in September.


There is a choice of two evening coached sessions ...

Speed and stamina training on the fell, Ilkley Moor

Road speed session

Taking a break for the summer, starts again in September.


Early Birds Hard Run

Meet at the Old Bridge 7.45. Hard 8.8 mile run out to A59 and back, typically with variety of continuous efforts, with recoveries on each (so no-one gets left behind), usually lasting 70/75 minutes. A hard session, but great for improving all race times. An early start, but often a great time of day to run, and you have the rest of the day to recover. Led by Neil Chapman.

Trail Run

Meet at the Old Bridge 9.30. Steady run off road, on paths and tracks. Friendly and informal, 90 minutes or so. The pace is matched to the medium speed groups on Tuesday club night and it is recommended that new or less experienced members attend Tuesday nights first to meet the group and discuss how appropriate.

Other sessions

There are plenty of informal groups training throughout the week and at weekends, too. Just ask around or keep an eye on the forums or Facebook page ...