Ilkley Harriers news archive 2012

Harrier of the Month, July

Nominations were:
sponsors Clare and Neil Smith for their Lakeland 100
Rebecca Moores for her dedication to training and huge transformation since April as well as her winning mind that inspires us all, no challenge scares her!
Alison Eagle for Mont Blanc Marathon, 2nd LV50
Paul Wood for his organization of the successful Addingham Gala race, even arranging for some sunshine, and for being so actively involved in the Harrogate Race League series as Secretary and being at every one of the races to register, support and take photos
Nikos Georgiadis for training sessions
Lynn Donohue for her Lakeland 50
Martin Archer, 5th at Idle Trail Race & other race results

The HoM awards went to Neil and Clare Smith, and Martin Archer. Congratulations to them. They will receive technical running gear from HoM sponsor UP & RUNNING.

Idle Trail Race, Sun 29 July

(1  37:24 Quentin Lewis, Baildon)
5   39:16 Martin Archer
27  44:26 Rob Cunningham
41  46:34 Duncan Cooper
71  50:29 Chris Cunningham
101 54:04 Christine Cox
212 66:51 Carole Cunningham
245 finished

YVAA Grand Prix, Crossgates, Sun 29 July

Alison Eagle reports ... basically an extended cross country course round endless fields, virtually flat, I was 8th Lady and 1st LV50 in 44:27

runSunday, Sun 29 July

Results from this weekly 3 mile timed run ...

1  18:15 Dave Wilby
18 19:11 Emma Payne
23 ran

Parkruns, Sat 28 July

Leeds Roundhay
1  18:13 Dave Wilby
25 23:28 Graham Breeze
31 24:12 Kelly Harrison

Harrogate Stray
23 20:47 Geoffrey Howard PB, V65 record
67 24:28 Emily Elmes Junior
96 26:32 Julie Elmes PB	

Bradford Lister Park
97  20:48 Charlie Smith, Junior
100 29:02 Janet Smith

UAK Track, Sat 28 July

The 20 Junior Harriers and parents at the regular Saturday track session at Keighley found themselves training alongside the Vietnamese Olympic athletes! (Just a reminder that the track is open to any Ilkley Harriers 10am-11am, see earlier Forums post for more information.)

Lakeland 100, and 50, 27-29 July

From Clare Smith ... too exhausted to write much yet but Neil and I were 1st mixed pair - delighted! I think I was 8th lady. Going to bed now. Can barely walk! Lynn Donohue and Sharon Meadows took part in the 50 mile Montane Ultra. They both looked fresh and bright when they passed us en route to Howtown from Dalemain.
From Sharon ... Absolutely well done to Clare and Neil on their amazing Lakeland 100 results!!! You both looked very relaxed when I saw you, your achievement is amazing especially on that course, how you got down the final descent I do not know.
This year I did the 50 mile course (10,000 feet) again, having enjoyed it so much last year. It's a really well organised race and the feed stations and all the marshalls are brilliant. The weather was OK, bit rainy/bit sunny so difficult to judge what to wear. The course starts at Dalemain estate and continues to Howtown (965 ft of ascent) then on to Mardale Head (2510 ft of ascent), then Kentmere (1677 ft), Ambleside (1611 ft), then Chapel Stile (768 ft), Tiberthwaite (1270 ft) and finally Coniston (928 ft). Some very difficult climbs but also some good running across the open fells. But the descents are a different matter, very steep, rocky and slippy. Made even more difficult in the night sections. The final descent is really hard on the 50 so how anyone gets down on the 100 I do not know, incredible. I'm sure Lynn will agree with me who was also doing the 50.
I finished in 13 hours 28 minutes, a PB of 2 hours 29 minutes, so quite pleased with that. Managed to get a good blister this year so hope its sunny all week as I cant get my shoes on!


100 miles
(1  19:50:37 Terry Conway, Ambleside AC)
102 37:56:58 Clare Smith
103 37:56:59 Neil Smith
136 finished from 263 starters

50 miles
(1   8:30:51 Steve Angus)
195 13:28:53 Sharon Meadows
328 16:32:18 Lynn Donohue
453 finished from 481 starters

Thunder Run, 28-29 July

Sue B reports ... two teams went to the Thunder Run this weekend. Well done to all who ran. Needless to say a fab time was had by all - and we weren't soon.

Ambleside Sports, Thu 26 July

Results of this BOFRA fell race ...

(1 14:31 Rob Jebb, Bingley)
16 17:55 Iain Gibbons
52 23:28 Diane Haggar
81 finished

Golden Acre Relays, Wed 25 July

Results from Abbey Runners

21 53:56 Ilkley Men
Jack Wood 15:53; Tony Melechi 17:55; Neil Chapman 20:08

59 1:02:46 Teen Dream (Juniors)
Tilly Melechi 19:47; Lucy Jacques 20:38; Joanne Williamson 22:21

79  1:08:56 Scampi (Juniors)
Elizabeth Westhead 21:25; Harriet Jackson 22:53; Josie Clarke 24:38

90 1:16:28 Ask Ilkley (Ladies Vets)
Sue Williamson 24:17; Andrea Westhead 26:17; Kate Lofthouse 25:54

97 teams finished

Harrogate 10k, Sun 22 July

Results of this Harrogate Harriers race ...

(1  30:45 Matthew Hynes, NYMAC)
26  37:49 Edward Irving
60  40:57 Emma Barclay
146 45:10 Chris Cunningham
217 47:56 Christine Cox
235 48:48 Catherine Gibbons
247 49:15 Phillip Hirst
409 56:54 Bernie Gibbons
452 60:07 Carole Cunningham
501 finished

Pudsey 10k Multi-Terrain, Sun 22 July

Results of this Pudsey Pacers race ...

(1  36:18 Jamie Noon, P&B)
183 56:13 Elaine Cossins
349 finished

Cracoe fell race, Sun 22 July

Diane Haggar reports it was great to see Jenny Dybeck, back home from University, at this BOFRA race. She had a fantastic run to win the ladies race by some margin. Jann Smith took second after a close finish with Kirsty Hall of Wharefedale. I managed 1st V45. Iain Gibbons and Bradley Chapman were also in good form.

(1 21:57 Ted Mason, Wharfedale)
11 25:12 Martin Archer
12 25:20 Iain Gibbons
17 27:01 Bradley Chapman
19 27:48 Jenny Dybeck 1st lady
22 28:14 Jann Smith 2nd lady, 1s5 F40
36 32:43 Diane Haggar 1st F45
57 finished

Good to see some juniors in the results too, including Lucy Williamson 3rd GU17. For the seniors this was a counter in the Ilkley Harriers Race League

Real Relay, Sun 22 July

After 55 days and 7,377 miles of running, including Ilkley Harriers' 15 miles from Skipton to Menston, the Endurancelife Real Relay baton arrived at the gates of the Olympic Park on Sunday 22nd July. Nikos, who brought the baton down from Scafell with John Coates and who paced our local leg so well, was in at the finish too carrying the baton to Tower Bridge before picking up another 200 Real Relay runners for the final leg.

British Masters Track & Field Championships, 21,22 July

Henry Heavisides reports after the relative success of yesterday's 1500m, today's 5000m was a real struggle. I set off too fast in very warm windy conditions & struggled to finish 5th in 18:37.5.
I was pleased to run under 5 minutes (4:58.55) for 1500m at the British Masters championships in Derby to win the bronze medal for 3rd place in the M55 age group.

Snowdon International Race, Sat 21 July

Alison Weston says ... what a fantastic day to run up Snowdon! Lots of support from spectators and amazing views. Dave Wilby, Nick Pearce and myself (+ any others?) raced. I was pleased to do 1hr 46 (5 mins quicker then last time and 1st in my old lady category LV45) and Dave did a brilliant 1hr 24.

Results from TDL ...

(1  1:05:10 Murray Strain)
64  1:24:37 Dave Wilby
117 1:31:57 Nick Pearce 2nd V55
256 1:46:24 Alison Weston 1st F45
503 finished

Ingleborough Mountain Race, Sat 21 July

Will Buckton reports on this AM 11km/600m race.... part of the annual Ingleton Gala, the runners climb 600m in 3.5 miles before an exhilarating descent back to the finish.

(1  48:08  Simon Bailey Mercia FR)
24  57:51  Ian Rowbotham   2nd V50
50  63:11  Dick Waddington
55  63:31  Will Buckton
61  64:11  Kate Archer
166 81:31  Sue Morley
187 finished

Harrogate parkrun, Sat 21 July

Geoff Howard was 30th from 174 participants in 21:08

Cargrave cross-country, Thu 19 July

Results of this BOFRA fell! race ...

(1 33:20 James Hall, Wharfedale)
5  42:18 Mike Baldwin 1st V50
6  42:58 Diane Haggar 1st lady
29 finished

Holme Moss, Sun 15 July

From John Coates ... First time on this AL route for me, the hills are certainly steep and long and lots of them, the worst of all being a steep hands and feet climb one mile from the finish, just to sap the last bit of energy I had left after hauling through the bogs across the long moor section. Funniest moment was having to stop for 20 minutes on the farm lane down to the finish whilst the farmer tried to get his sheep through the gate! Results from

(1  2h41:38 Neil Northrop, Dark Peak)
103 4h37:55 John Coates
115 finished

Eccup 10, Sun 15 July

Results from Abbey Runners ...

(1  55:42 Nick Hooker, Leeds City)
85  67:33 Rob Cunningham
96  68:11 Andrew Merrick
112 69:24 Sally Malir 2nd F45
136 71:13 Caz Farrow
208 75:08 Chris Cunningham
243 77:12 Jane Bryant
251 77:24 Andrew Jackson
255 77:49 Hannah Partner
327 81:41 Hilda Coulsey 2nd F55
360 83:30 Elaine Cossins
437 87:37 Allison Ricci
645 ran

runSunday 5km, Sun 15 July

Results from

(1 22:36 Jason King, U/A)
10 29:26 Gemma Carpenter
16 ran

Addingham Gala Fell Race, Sat 14 July

A good turnout of 16 Harriers at our own Addingham Gala fell race and big thanks to all those Harriers who helped make the day a success. Another cracking Ilkley Harriers event!

photo Elizabeth @ Hadfield Photocraft, Addingham

Full results

(1 42:02 Chris Smale, Bingley Harriers)
3  43.02 Martin Archer
4  43.45 Jack Wood
6  44.26 Lee Morley
10 45.49 Ian Rowbotham
19 48.54 Bradley Chapman
23 50.27 Dan Hill
25 50.51 Mark Bourgeois
28 51.13 Dave Cummings
29 51.27 Rob Cunningham
30 52.04 Ben Joynson
32 52.41 Kate Archer
34 52.52 Henry Heavisides
39 54.48 Alison Eagle
50 57.32 Alison Bennett
57 60.15 David Ibbotson
67 63.36 Sue Morley
75 finished

Dave Woodhead's photos, and Nikos's photos.

Wasdale fell race, Sat 14 July

From Alison Weston .... Will, Brian, Duncan and myself travelled to the Lakes for Wasdale Fell race this weekend. It's a tough 20 mile race with 8,000' climbing and the the hard stuff in the second half of the race.
This was Will's third long Lakeland race in 5 weeks and after buying a last minute pair of insoles (his own left at home!) from Pete Bland's he ran well and finished with a big grin on his face! Brian decided what better way to celebrate his birthday than to run this race and seemed to enjoy every minute of it. It was Duncan's first attempt at Wasdale and he cruised round easily in 5 1/2 hours. I was pleased to finish but am incredibly stiff today!! Results from

(1  3h44:40 Ricky Lightfoot, Ellenborough)
64  5h32:13 Duncan Cooper
87  5h51:30 Alison Weston 
93  5h59:03 Brian Melia 
109 6h21:17 Will Buckton
144 ran

Junior Uphill Fell Championships, Sat 14 July

No results yet, but spot the Harriers red and green in these videos ... this video.

Alva Games fell race, Sat 14 July

Results from ...

(1 21:04 Alastair Dunn, Helm Hill)
9  23:24 Iain Gibbons
14 26:00 Mark Mon-Williams
27 28:52 Rebecca Mon-Williams 1st FV40
32 30:44 Jann Smith
58 ran

Parkruns, Sat 14 July

Harrogate Stray
59  24:36 Jim Towers
161 37:35 Karen Lambe

Leeds Hyde Par
93  25:05 John Marshall

Wimbledon Common
3   18?   Dave Wilby
102 25:23 Kelly Harrison

Washburn Valley Relays, Fri 13 July

photo Andrew Bennett

From Paul Stephens ... 3 senior Harriers teams enjoyed the run around Fewston and Swinsty reservoirs on a cold July evening. The men's team of Dave Westhead, Jack Wood and Nick Pearce, had a superb run. Dave Westhead was fastest by 50 seconds on the first leg, but Otley's Ian Fisher was 1.5 mins faster than anybody else on leg 2 and at the finish we were 4th overall. An excellent result.
Ilkley's ladies Alison Eagle, Caz Farrow and Alison Bennett were 2nd ladies team home and 23rd overall, whilst our third team of Andrea Westhead, Kate Lofthouse and Andrew Bennett were 56th.
Thankyou to all the runners.
And I believe the junior teams took the first 4 places. Brilliant.

Results showing 'rank' on each leg (Leg 1 is 3.0 miles, Leg 2 is 4.0 miles. Leg 3 is 3.3 miles) from Otley AC's web site where there are also some photos ...

4 62:54 Ilkley Red
1 18:22 Dave Westhead, 3 23:25 Jack Wood, 15 21:07 Nick Pearce

23 73:11 Ilkley Green
28 22:26 Alison Eagle, 21 27:36 Caz Farrow, 28 23:09 Alison Bennett

56 98:30 Ilkey White
56 30:52 Andrea Westhead, 52 37:52 Kate Lofthouse, 53 29:46 Andrew Bennett

HDSRL Handicap Race, Thu 12 July

This race was the finale of the 2012 Harrogate Race League, and if you didn't go then you missed a treat! A glorious sunny evening, a scenic course, and the amazing spectacle of most of the 150 runners finishing within just a few minutes. Plus of course the usual HDSRL slap-up tea afterwards. Second-claim member Antonio Cardinale well-and-truly beat the handicapper to claim the magnificent cup. The fastest time was fittingly from the League Champion, Wetherby's Ben Pye, 30:22 (44th finisher) but a couple of Harriers beat him in including new member Julie Elmes.

(Fastest 30:22 Ben Pye)
1   52:39 Antonio Cardinale
24  33:56 Ian Rowbotham
39  49:45 Julie Elmes
55  32:05 Nick Richardson
61  47:14 Don Macrae
63  38:16 Michael Duffield
77  46:27 Andrew Bennett
96  46:43 Sue Williamson
146 39:32 Alison Bennett
150 finished

Looks like the handicapper was a little tough on Alison, with Andrew winning the Battle of the Bennetts, but Alison got a great round of applause when she was awarded the prize for League Champion FV50 at the end-of-season presentations after the race.

Jane Tomlinson Leeds 10k, Sun 8 July

Results from

(1   30:48 Brett Crossley)
42   39:28 Rob Cunningham
552  48:22 Hilda Coulsey
806  49:12 Nicole Dillon
975  52:27 John Marshall
1482 54:17 Sue Williamson
2249 58:38 Kate Lofthouse
2831 59:45 Abigail Bailey
2495 60:44 Sally Wright
3208 64:52 Linda Marshall
3651 65:11 Sue Bickerdike
5404 finished

Helm Hill, Sun 8 July

Diane Haggar reports ... rather unusually for any fell race the first 5 ladies took consecutive overall positions with Jann 1st, myself 3rd and Rebecca 5th. Sandwiched between us were the ladies of the home club, Helm Hill. The race included three painfully steep climbs through bracken that, on a warm night, caused the air to be totally devoid of oxygen! Within our pack, positions switched a number of times yet we reached the final climb together. Jann got the better of us all over the last peak and I was involved in a mad hurtle to the line with the Helm Hill ladies. Overall an excellent Ilkley performance...pity no team championship in BOFRA!
Results from ...

(1 22:31 Tom Addison, Helm Hill)
17 27:27 Iain Gibbons
20 27:38 Mark Mon-Williams 1st V45
36 30:42 Jann Smith 1st Lady
38 31:04 Diane Haggar 1st LV45
40 31:22 Rebecca Mon-Williams
76 finished

7 13:26 Ruaridh Mon-Williams
8 15:38 Lucy Williamson  1st girl

42 9:06 Molly Pearson

runSunday, Sun 8 July

Results from the third runSunday event, a new free weekly timed 5k run in Otley Chevin Forest Park...

(1 18:39 Liam Dunne, Otley AC)
6  24:40 Graham Breeze
7  25:33 Jim Towers
17 28:58 Emma Payne
18 29:01 Gemma Carpenter
23 33:20 Lyn Eden
24 ran

SLMM, 7/8 July

There are always a few Harriers in the Saunders Lakeland Mountain Marathon, this year in Wasdale. Amongst the results we spotted:
32nd in the Bowfell class, 14h35:57, Kevin and Rachael Gooch
60th in the Carrock Fell class, 12h37:19, Sue Booth and Natalie Curtis
83rd in the Carrock Fell class, 13h53:54 John Pickering and Chris Oxlade
Any more?

Arrochar Alps, Sat 7 July

From Dave Wilby ... Arrochar Alps (25km, 2400m) done and dusted, had an averagely good run rather than anything spectacular but still inside top 40 in British Champs. Toughest course I've ever done, knocks Wasdale & Ennerdale into a cocked hat!! Haven't tried stairs yet, walking brings tears to my eyes :o)

Osmotherley Phoenix, Sat 7 July

Amanda Paranby reports ... My first time at this event and I was not expecting such an undulating route. There is a choice of 17, 26 or 33 miles and I had intended to do the 33 mile option but a combination of the amount of rain that has fallen and the advice of my fellow competitors persuaded me to opt for the 26 mile option and while I might have lost some 'street cred' I am glad I took this option. There was a lot of low cloud and mist in the morning but the weather improved as the day went on despite one shower in the afternoon. I hope to take part again next year and not only because of the lovely home made cakes and the hope of drier conditions underfoot. Finished in 7 hrs 20 mins.
From Sue B Abi and I did a mammoth 9hrs 20 for Osmotherley. Debbie Lewis ran with us for the most part - she finished 9.13 I think. John Coates ran with us but opted to change to the 26 route at the last point of no return.
More results soon, in the meanwhile spot the Harriers in the event video.

Heptonstall Festival Fell Race, Sat 7 July

William Buckton reports on this AS - 9.5km/496m fell race... Heptonstall Festival Race is a short, adrenalin rush of a route, dropping 500 feet in the first mile, before cimbing 1000 feet in 2 miles to High Brown Knoll; there's then a quick loop on the moor, before you leg it back to the village the way you came, meaning a 500ft climb in the last mile! This was only the second running of the Heptonstall Festival Race and me and Sue are the first Harriers to take part. Results from

(1   52:09 Christopher Smale, Bingley Harriers)
26 1h03:01 Will Buckton 
96 1h22:40 Sue Morley
111 finished

Woodentops photos

Oakworth Haul, Sat 7 July

A KCAC race ...

(1 38:04 Joseph Crossfield, Halifax Harriers)
11 45:49 Toni Melechi
35 ran

Woodentops photos

Murder Mile, Wed 5 July

We hear Jack Wood won the Murder Mile in Silsden, Sarah Pickering was 2nd lady, plenty of other Harriers there ...

1   7:25 Jack Wood
8   8:14 Mark Mon-Williams
22  8:55 Euan Brennan
23  8:58 Sarah Pickering 1st GU14
70 10:55 Graham Breeze
226! finishers

Woodentops photos

NVAC track league, Spenborough, Wed 4 July

Heavisides Henry reports ... As an alternative to the weekly track training at Leeds Carnegie, Mark Iley and I travelled to Cleckheaton to run the NVAC track league. Running 3 races in less than an hour is certainly not recommended, but it was a good variation from a normal session. Mark ran the 800m (2:31), 1500m (5:05) & 400m (71 seconds). I ran the 800m (2:33), 3000m (10:47) & 1500m (5:22)

Danefield Relays, Wed 4 July

Neil Chapman reports ... Ilkley Harriers had 6 teams out at Danefield, including 2 junior teams, in very muddy conditions. Our first team were our men's vets in 7th place 67:32, but our junior boys team pushed them all way finishing 9th only 23 seconds behind them in 67:55. Our junior girls were our next team in 81:29, with our mixed team finishing in 86:14, and our remaining 2 ladies teams doing 94:13 and 106:52.

Strangely enough the performance of the night came from a spectator. Heather Cummings had come along to support Dave and Jack, and in a moment of madness agreed to run the final leg to make up a team with Rebecca and Sue. Hardly dressed for running on a warm night Heather swapped her Hunter wellies for Jack's fell shoes and then went on to complete her first ever race, in fact possibly her first ever run, in a very respectable 36:21, well supported by Jack who ran with her. Some of you will know the tough climb at the finish, which Dave doubted Heather would run all the way to the line (tut! tut!). But she proved him wrong, and Dave is on washing up duties for the next 3 months.

Jack Wood was also there finishing the 1st leg in 1st place for local orienteering club Aire, before handing over to sister Helen, a former Harrier, who battled round and only dropped one place. Unfortunately there were some quick guys out on the last leg, so they were pushed back a place.


1  64:18
7  67:32  Toni Melechi, Jez Hellewell, Dave Cummings  (2nd V40 team)
9  67:55  Jack Cummings, Ruaridh Mon-Williams, Tom Kerr   (1st Juniors)
31 81:29  Tilly Melechi, Joanne Williamson, Lucy Williamson
35 86:14  Alison Ricci, Sophie Brown, Andy Jackson
43 94:13  Rebecca Mon-Williams, Sue Williamson, Heather Cummings  (2nd Ladies Vets)
46 106:52 Sally Wright, Emma Payne, Andrea Westhead
46 teams

The next relay is the Washburn Valley Relays organised by Otley AC on Friday 13th July. We have 5 teams to register by next Wednesday. Paul Stephens is co-ordinating IH teams this year so will shortly post something on our Forums. 3 legs, each of about 3-4 miles. So, have a chat with your running mates and get some teams together for Paul S, please. (The juniors have their own relay at this event, teams organised by Shirley.)

England selection

Big congratulations to Tom Adams, selected to run for England at the International Snowdon Race. EA Newsflash

Mont Blanc Marathon, Sun 1 July

From Alison Eagle To celebrate being 50 I decided to return to the Alps and the Marathon du Mont Blanc; aims to achieve a podium finish and break 6 hours. I succeeded with the former but the long Alpine climbs and the heat defeated me in the latter. Even over there the rain made its appearance with the uphill finish becoming slippy. I had forgotten how hard this race is (Simon's Seat not great prep for those hills) and was very pleased to finish. Though there is photographic proof that at times I appeared to be enjoying myself! 6hrs 15mins 2nd LV50

Real Relay, chasing the Olympic torch, Sun 1 July

Today the Club joined in 'The Real Relay' following the path of the Olympic torch relay but running every step (barring sea-crossings!) Like the Olympic torch relay, this is another inspired celebration of the Olympics. We picked up the baton from KCAC in the middle of Skipton Sheep Fair, and were heralded and rung out by the Skipton Town Cryer. Over 20 Harriers helped carry it to Menston (see the map), with Nikos and Sharon running the whole length, and Nikos setting the pace perfectly.

A section of the route in Addingham was on paths and quieter roads so that junior Ilkley Harriers could take part too, and over 20 joined in.

Photos from Nikos, Paul, Andrew, Paul Shack (Justin on following leg), and even more on the Ilkley Harriers Facebook page for the event.

(Additionally, Nikos Georgiadis and John Coates saved the day the Scafell/Ambleside leg on Friday, more on this epic tale later.)

Hawkswick fell race, Sun 1 July

(1 30:48 Brad Traviss, Calder Valley)
44 41:14 Diane Haggar 1st F45
46 41:19 Kate Archer
65 46:44 Graham Breeze
75 finished

George Elmes reports ... an impressive 15 Junior Ilkley Harriers made the trip into the Dales as this was race 5 of the English Junior Fell Championship. Some great individual performances from all on a very demanding course with podium places for Emily Elmes 2nd GU10 and Georgia Malir 3rd GU16. More on the Junior Pages.

Graham Weston's photos

European Masters Mountain Running, Bludenz, Austria, Sun 1 July

Caz Farrow reports ... I competed in my fist uphill mountain race today in Austria. Fortunately it was a bit cooler than the 35 degrees it was yesterday. Provisional results - 5th V35 female. It was an 8.7km uphill only race.

2nd Lakeland Trails Marathon in Coniston, Sun 1 July

From Jo Foster ... I ran the Coniston Trail Marathon in the Lake District. It's the full marathon distance (42.2km / 26.2 miles) - they make you do a couple of laps of the sports field to make sure of it! They advertise it as the most scenic marathon in Britain but it wasn't ideal conditions for views as it was driving horizontal rain for much of it. I haven't been that wet for a while but at least it wasn't too hot. A great, really varied course that ranges from run able trail to fell runner's bog and rocky bits and has plenty of hill. I finished in 4:26:10 in 160th place.

More results from Fiona:

(1  2:53:50 Ben Abdelnoor, Ambleside) 
263 5:14:10 Martin Wright 
308 finished

Half marathon
(1  1:25:31 Steve Brennan, Glaxo)
47  1:45:51 Lawrence Basham  
147 2:01:31 Jonathan Schneider (PB) 
350 2:47:09 Fiona Schneider
382 finished

Burn Valley Half Marathon, Sun 1 July

From Adela Reperecki ... I took part in the Burn Valley Half Marathon which starts in the village of Masham. The run has a very scenic and undulating route mostly on road with a small off road section, enjoyed the run, conditions were cool and breezy, keep finding myself on the start line of this one each year, was the only Ilkley Harrier to take part came in at 1.55.55

runSunday, Sun 1 July

Results from the second runSunday event, a new free weekly timed 5k run in Otley Chevin Forest Park...

(1 18:40 Andy Bedford)
25 28:47 John Marshall
28 30:54 Gemma  Carpenter
34 ran

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