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Susa Trials Races
Junior Ilkley Harriers, established 2003

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Ilkley Harriers staged this international selection event on Ilkley Moor, on Sunday 5th June 2005. This was a challenging up and down course on track and path; the races were used to help select which U17 athletes were invited to run at the 6th Marco Germanetto Memorial International Mountain Race, at Susa (near Turin). The races were open to all junior runners aged between 12 and 17 and were supported by UP & RUNNING.


  • For junior runners born between 1988 and 1993 inclusive (12-17 years)
  • 2 miles, 600' climb, fully flagged and marshalled course
  • Lots of prizes
  • Toilets
  • Refreshments for sale at White Wells cafe
  • Start from near Wells Road, Ilkley GR 115470
    www link Click here for map
    www link Click here for map
    Ilkley Bus & Rail stations are 10 mins walk away at the foot of Wells Road.
  • by special arrangement ... after the race several tried the Susa Souse - a dip in the icy waters of the Victorian bathing pool at White Wells


Susa Trials map Map based on the orienteering map of Ilkley Moor, with kind permission of Airienteers, the orienteering club for Airedale and Wharfedale,

Course Description

See map. This is a challenging fell race with steep descents.
The course will be fully marshalled and flagged on the day.
The race starts at the small White Wells car park.
The track climbs gradually to the buildings at White Wells.
At the first stone building (formerly toilets) stay on the main track, the track turns sharp right between the first building and the main White Wells buildings, then narrows and becomes steeper initially.
The track is now rougher and muddy in places but mainly wide. Stay on the main track as directed to the West end of Rocky Valley.
Follow the path up Rocky Valley for 200m, then turn sharp right as directed straight up the steep valley side. Continue to pick up a path, and follow the path South after the next junction.
Continue towards Gill Head, then take a sharp left down and past the ruins.
Follow this path down for 500m, before turning sharp left up the valley side.
Continue on this path, crossing your earlier route, then uphill past the large cairn and over the brow.
Follow 2nd path to the right as directed back down past the woods. Take the left fork then follow the gulley path on the right as it curves down to the finish on the flat grass above White Wells.

Selection for the Susa race

The race was used by the FRA selector Steve Fletcher to help determine which U17 athletes were invited to run at the 6th Marco Germanetto Memorial International Mountain Race, at Susa (near Turin).

For the girls, this was the first 6 across the line: Laura Park, Blue Heywood, and Alex Wheatman for the A team;
Amy McGivern, Rosie Stuart, and Melanie Hyder for the B team.

For the boys, Alec Duffield and Nick Swinburn, with Alistair Brownlee who was selected on known form, make the A team;
Adam Peers, Jonathan Hare, and Ben Lindsay make the B team.

Well done to all of them and good luck at Susa - see the atletica susa web site for details of the event.


The Prizegiving was staged at White Wells after the races: thanks to the proprietors of the cafe for helping make this a great event. Everyone received prizes, many courtesy of sponsors UP & RUNNING.


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Results: Susa, Italy, Sun 26 June

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England Team Manager Steve Fletcher described the team and individual performances as "stunning".
The boys' team won the Gold medal: 2 Alec Duffield; 4 Alistair Brownlee; 5 Nick Swinburne
The girls' team won the Silver medal: 3 Laura Park; 4 Blue Haywood; 11 Alex Wheatman
The other boys were: 7 Adam Peers; 12 Ben Lindsey; 14 Jonathan Hare (good enough for 4th, had second teams counted).
In Girls (1992-93) we had 1 Amy McGivern; and 2 Melanie Hyder
And Girls (1990-91) was won by Rosie Stuart