Ilkley Harriers news archive 2012

Ilkley Harriers of the Month, November

Beth Massey F40 Club record & best 10k female time this year at the Abbey Dash & really good cross country results; 1st lady at the Preston 5km Also nominated: Sheena Pickersgill - fantastic PB at the Abbey Dash 10k of 48.42, and her commitment, hard work and dedication to Wednesday night track training in order to achieve her goal of breaking 50 minutes at the Abbey Dash
Peter Shields - excellent coaching & commitment to the Wednesday night track sessions which has seen all his regular group achieve PBs or SBs in recent races and also for his support and encouragement at races.
Rebecca Moores - commitment to training and resulting improvement
Alison Eagle - successful YVAA Grand Prix league and becoming the overall FV45 Champion (as a FV50)
Nicole Dillon - Burley Moor run
Julie Elmes XC racing, and tremendous improvement in running times

Earlier Harriers of the Month ...

PECO XC #1, Ackworth, Sun 25 Nov

The first PECO race is the most distant and difficult to go to, well done to those who made it (especially Ben, Will, and Julie who ran two days of XC in a row to enjoy double-helpings of mud!). Plscings from
Placings from, our recorded times ...

(1  32:09 Simon Pass, Saltaire Striders)
31  35:54 Bradley Chapman
46  36:57 Ben Joynson
47  36:59 Will Buckton
50  37:08 Steve Coy
51  37:17 Henry Heavisides
124 41:54 Sam Wood
158 44:13 Andy Jackson
191 48:40 Eric Morley
64  48:59 Gaenor Coy
81  50:56 Sue Morley
204 51:01 Paul Sugden
86  51:43 Sue Williamson
94  52:56 Sue Bickerdike
217 53:41 Don Macray
100 53:46 Julie Elmes
123 56:27 Kate Lofthouse
229 men (2nd team!), 143 ladies (5th team)

This was a counter in the Ilkley Harriers Race League, with some good points up for grabs!

Another excellent turnout from the junior section, too!

Preston Best 5k, Sun 25 Nov

From Mark Iley ... Beth and I set off for another venture into Lancashire in search of a good time on this what appeared to be a fast and flat 5k course. This was effectively a Park Run aside of Preston North Ends football ground. We were both expecting to do year best times following recent good performances at 10k in the last couple of weeks.
The weather was the only thing that could really stop us from achieving and sure enough it did the job! With the overnight rain this had left several sections of the course waterlogged and what looked like a series of lakes and swimming pools on course. More of an Aquathon! The first mile went well as it was water free, but then we encountered the lake which we had to avoid by going on the grass which was of course very muddy and slippy to say the least. Then a number of swimming pool like puddles that you had to go straight through or avoid by going on the muddy grass verges basically ensured that any thought of fast times went out the window.
We both finished very wet and with disappointing times but were cheered up by both the high placing and both getting prizes. On a better day this could be a fast course.

(1 15:51 Danny Parkinson, Kendal AC)
9  18:38 Mark Iley   1st V50
22 20:03 Beth Massey 1st Lady 
178 ran

Clowne Half Marathon, Sun 25 Nov

From Mark Hall ... I took part in the Clowne half marathon which is near to Chesterfield, Derbyshire. I had run this race twice before in 2005/6 each time recording good times and results. I had forgotten just how tough this event is, certainly not PB terrain but the clue is in the name of the county, Derbyshire! The rain had stopped before the start, unfortunately the wind continued to blow and was so strong it took away any possibility of recording a good time ( I have run 5 minutes faster on this course!) I managed 4th in 77.43, which was disappointing but given the conditions was ok. The winner was S Spencer Notts AC 72.09, which was an exceptional run on such a tough day. There were 559 finishers.

Run Sunday, Sun 25 Nov

Results from this weekly 3 mile timed run...

2  21:27 Jacob Hellewell  junior, new category record
3  23:16 Tilly Melechi  junior
4  23:34 William Worboys
7 finished

WYXC #3, Huddersfield, Sat 24 Nov

Read Pete Shields' write-up on our XC heroes here.

Results from ...

(1  30:58 Alan Buckley, Leeds City)
24  34:11 Jack Wood
52  36:01 Dave Wilby
85  37:52 Steve Weston
87  38:02 Jim Ryder
110 39:32 Ben Joynson
115 39:46 Nick Pearce
126 41:29 Will Buckton
129 41:37 Arthur Reilly
172 finished
10th team of 15

(1  23:51 Helen Berry, Holmfirth)
23  26:58 Beth Massey
32  27:44 Kelly Harrison
44  28:41 Kate Archer
54  29:32 Alison Bennett
86  34:05 Diane Kitchen
93  36:58 Julie Elmes
98 finished
5th team out of 9

In addition there were 19 Harriers in the junior races.

McCain XC LIverpool, Sat 24 Nov

From Sally Malir ... Georgia Malir set herself a stern challenge to compete in the second McCain UK Cross Challenge, which was also a trial race for selection for the GB and NI team for the European Cross Country Championships in Poland. The race was held in Sefton Park Liverpool. The rain throughout this week made for heavy underfoot conditions. Georgia had a storming run to come in equal 13th (17 mins). The winner of Georgia's race was Bobby Clay, Invictia East Kent AC, (15:33), and the race featured many of the UK' s top athletes in this age group which makes this a very pleasing result for Georgia.

Wharfedale Primary Schools XC, Sat 24 Nov

Over 400 children ran in today's race organised by Ashlands School, results on the junior pages.

Parkruns, Sat 24 Nov

11  19:59 David Brown
103 26:21 Rosalind Brown

Leeds Hyde Park
111 24:00 John Marshall

Abbey Dash, Sun 18 Nov

From Henry Heavisides ... Perfect conditions again this year for the Abbey Dash, a little bit cold, but dry, sunny & no wind. Mark Hall ran another great 10k beating his club M50 Club Record (set at Accrington) & recording one of the fastest M50 times in the UK this year (3rd quickest, I think). Beth Massey also set a new club F40 record in 38:29 (beating Amanda Oddie's 38:55 from the 2008 Rothwell 10k). There were lots of Ilkley vests to be seen in the race & we also got lots of support from the spectators, thanks for all of the support. Amongst the results, Mark was 2nd M50, Geoff Howard was 2nd M65 (with the 5th fastest M65 10k this year in the UK), Beth was 3rd F40 & I was 3rd M55 (just 3s outside H's own Club record! Paul).

From George Elmes ... due to my long standing injury I once again went across In my now semi-official bag carrying position to support Julie. A really beautiful morning awaited us in Leeds with around 9,000 runners of all abilities taking part. A historically quick course, powder blue sky, no wind and a real nip in air made it a perfect day for fast results. A pretty large number of Ilkley vests on show in the senior race and at least one JIH, Poppy Anderson ran in the Junior race. Julie took 4 mins off her previous PB.


(1   29:30 Luke Cragg, Leeds City)
112  33:30 Mark Hall
301  36:56 Henry Heavisides
409  38:10 Rob Cunningham
390  38:29 Beth Massey
442  38:49 Richard Reeve
453  38:54 David Brown
521  38:55 Ben Joynson
543  39:16 Geoffrey Howard
722  41:05 Andrew Sheldon
1192 42:55 Crispian Batstone
1033 43:06 Michael Duffield
982  43:29 Jane Bryant
1022 43:41 Alison Bennett
1730 44:11 Dan Ibbotson
1129 44:20 Chris Cunningham
1450 45:06 Keith Wood
1568 45:41 Martin Wright
2169 46:37 David Ibbotson
2012 46:44 Michael Baldwin
1784 48:42 Sheena Pickersgill
2118 49:07 Cherie Wright
2074 49:10 Rebecca Moores
2214 49:28 Sue Bickerdike
2250 49:32 Catherine Brown
2026 49:37 John Marshall
651  49:43 Andrew Merrick
2690 49:58 Karen Lambe
2441 50:31 Allison Ricci
4480 51:29 Sue Williamson
2791 52:23 Julie Elmes
3067 52:48 Alison Frost
4497 53:50 Donna Hattersley
3231 54:52 Jacqui Weston
4211 54:57 Greg Wright
3606 56:15 Sally Wright
7378 finished
(finish positions, chip times shown)

Wimborne 10, Sun 18 Nov

From Dougie Scarfe ... First Dorset race today, beautiful day for a mainly flat country lane course. I was first Harrier home in 1:18 and Judith second in 1:31

Run Sunday, Sun 18 Nov

Results from this weekly 3 mile timed run...

3  21:53 Tilly Melechi  junior, but set a new ladies record 
9  31:22 Lyn Eden
12 finished

Tour of Pendle, Sat 17 Nov

From Steve Weston ... Eight harriers made the trip out to Barley for a great day round Pendle. The weather was kind with just a bit of cold, wind and fog to contend with, but the going was tough in places. Great results from Jann Smith (3h04 3rd lady) and rising star Will Buckden (3h06). Good performances all round from Jonathan Sinclair, Steve Weston, John Hayes, Neil Smith, Dan (Short?) and Alison Weston.
John Hayes adds ... I had not run the Tour of Pendle race before. Now I have (as my sore legs keep reminding me). Pendle Hill is a great mountain (not a "hill" in my view despite its name). From a distance it is an imposing sight. It looks bit like one of the Three Peaks - similar both in size and appearance. But there is only one mountain not three. So how is it that a fell race which only goes over one mountain is so tough? After all, it is 18 miles long and involves nearly 5000 feet of climbing. The answer to this conundrum lies with the person who devised the route. With some ingenuity, the course of 11 controls makes the runners zig zag across the summit and up and down the sides (some of which are very steep). Six times one has to drop down a descent and then go up again. It is the fell running equivalent of a roller coaster. But in place of the roller coaster track is lots of mud to slide around on. All great fun even if (like a roller coaster) you are left feeling a bit wobbly and sick by the end of it all. I really enjoyed it and hope to be back again next year. It was good to see other Harriers there too. We had a good chat at the start but (apologies) I had to leave quickly at the end as I had a children's party to attend to. I was caked head to foot in mud and I thought I had better get home first for a shower otherwise I would be very muddy and smelly at the party. As it was, I arrived clean and the other parents looked on sympathetically as I hobbled around and took pity on me by feeding me lots of tea and lovely cakes - Just what I needed after a hard day in the fells...
And from Will Buckton the final A Long fell race of 2012, and marking the 400th anniversary of the Pendle Witch Trials when 10 local people were executed for witchcraft. The clag was down for the start of the race, creating a haunting atmosphere! For the second half of the race the clouds dispersed leaving great views for miles around from the top of Pendle Hill. Thanks to Di Haggar for supporting at various points on the course with jelly babies and water and great to see a good number of Harriers out on the fells.
Results from CleM.

(1  2:27:01 Carl Bell, Howgill H)
92  3:04:22 Jann Smith  3rd lady
107 3:06:33 Will Buckton
151 3:16:16 Jonathan Sinclair
165 3:20:34 Steve Weston
196 3:27:58 Neil Smith
220 3:32:02 John Hayes
236 3:34:24 Alison Weston
239 3;34:58 Dan Hill
362 finished

Parkruns, Sat 17 Nov

Harrogate Stray
44  22:45 Norman Bush
94  26:49 Julie Elmes

YVAA Grand Prix, Sun 11 Nov

Alison Eagle reports ... a lovely sunny day for Race 10, the last YVAA Grand Prix at Spenborough, 5 miles along fields and tracks

(1 34:79 Jacqui Khoueiry)
4  37:35 Alison Eagle 1st LV50

Congratulations to Alison who is the LV45 Champion in the 2012 YVAA Grand Prix

Lakeland Classics Trophy 2012

A report from Duncan Cooper ... The Lakeland Classics competition is based on the best three performances from 6 long and super long Cumbrian fell races, all of them toughies. There was a strong performance from Ilkley Harriers this year finishing 11th in the team competition. We also had 5 finishers in the individual competition with only two other clubs managing this many. A good base to build on for next year. Full results below.

1  Dark Peak, 287 pts
11 Ilkley, 172 pts

1  Rhys Findley-Robinson (Dark Peak)
64 Duncan Cooper
67 Alison Weston
72 Neil Smith
73 Brian Melia
84 Will Buckton

BOFRA Champions

Spot the Harriers in these super piccies ... Jann Smith, Mark and Rebecca Mon-Williams, and Iain Gibbons...

Also great contributions to the team competition from Dave Wilby, Dick Waddington, Clare Smith, Bob Hamilton, Steve Weston, Chris Oxlake, Andrew Wilson, Alistair Barlow, Jonathan Sinclair and John Hayes.

Lytham St Annes Windmill 10k, Sun 11 Nov

From Mark Iley ... a trio of Harriers set off for another venture into Lancashire for a low key 10k race. It was a fine day as we set off and it turned out to be ideal conditions when we arrived for the race. A clear day, with some sunshine which helped to improve the temperature. We were expecting there to be a fair breeze as we were at the coast, but fortunately the breeze was only light.
The course was very flat as most of this was on the coastal path and promenade road, some would say ideal for racing and fast times. Unfortunately, a mix up on the entry meant that Eddie Irving did not take part in the race but did enjoy a leisurely stroll with an ex Harrier taking in the varied and pleasant scenery en-route. After the two minutes silence which followed a sermon like introduction David Brown and myself were off, along the coastal path. I set off at a decent pace looking like I was well up in the field, which give me a lift, I ran alongside a fellow V50 runner and kept tight with him for the first 4 miles and then started to pay for the fast early pace, having to let him get away, I tried to dig in to keep going to try and get a decent time, and some reward for the hard training which has been done in the past couple of months. I managed to hold on, the finish line couldn't come soon enough but a respectable and pleasing time was just reward.
David on the other hand had a struggle all the way, and on his pre Abbey Dash trial was disappointed in his time being just over 40 minutes. Better luck next week!
The trip was still enjoyed by all, and the talk was to come again next year to try to improve on this ideal fast course. Recommended to all Harriers.

(1  31:38 Paul Lockwood, Wakefield H)
12  37:52 Mark Iley  2nd V50
21  40:06 David Brown 3rd V45
552 ran

Wadsworth Half Trog, Sun 11 Nov

Results from CVFR:

(1  1:15:55 Tim Black, Calder Valley)
109 2:34:43 Graham Breeze
112 finished

Run Sunday, Sun 11 Nov

Results from this weekly 3 mile timed run...

1  18:08 Dave Wilby
5  22:28 Jacob Hellewell Jun MJ12 record
16 26:38 Jim Towers
22 32:14 Lyn Eden
23 finished

WYXC #2, Guiseley, Sat 10 Nov

From Diane Haggar ... A beautiful Autumn day in Nunroyd Park made for a very pleasant day of racing. However muddy conditions on the back field of the course made it a tough race. Despite a slightly depleted turn out the ladies managed to repeat 5th team placing. Sally Morley again led us in with 11th, Beth ran well to take 38th and Kate had a great run raising her position by 17 places to 45th. Sally Malir completed the scorers with a repeat of her previous position of 52nd. Alison B, Kelly and Julie E completed the line up.
Of the 6 entered ladies who did not run, only one contacted me with an apology. Could i take this opportunity to remind entered runners that this is a team event for which the club hjas paid your entry fee. If you can't run please contact Dave W or myself to offer your apologies. Next race Sat 24th Nov at Huddersfield.

Results from

(1  23:03 Katie Walshaw, Holmfirth)
11  25:06 Sally Morley
38  27:18 Beth Massey
45  27:43 Kate Archer
52  28:15 Sally Malir
67  29:03 Kelly Harrison
69  29:09 Alison Bennett
130 36:13 Julie Elmes
135 finished
5th team out of 16

(1  32:45 James Walsh, Leeds City)
47  38:19 Lee Morley
50  38:22 Dave Wilby
108 41:20 Jim Ryder
119 42:05 Martin Archer
126 42:32 Nick Pearce
136 42:50 Ben Joynson
167 45:19 Arthur Reilly
184 46:49 Will Buckton
218 finished
14th team out of 21

A good turnout of juniors too and some excellent results again.

Harriers vs Cyclists, Sat 10 Nov

Tom Adams was first runner, beaten only by top cycle-crosser Rob Jebb.
Some photos on Woodentops
Results from the FRA web site ...

2  34:02 Tom Adams
39 45:46 Duncan Cooper
123 finished, riders and runners

Burley Moor Festival Run, Sat 10 Nov

We had quite a few Harriers in this, some photos on Woodentops.

(1  47:33 Liam Dunne, Otley)
2   48:29 Martin Archer
5   52:49 Richard Joel
7   53:31 Will Buckton
8   53:37 Bradley Chapman
10  54:05 Dick Waddington
17  58:05 John Hayes
26  59:34 Paul Stephens
36  62:20 Ian Marshall
38  62:28 Jon Dillon
51  66:09 Nicole Dillon
57  68:34 Martin Wright
75  73:03 Peter Lewis
97  79:09 Paul Sugden
103 81:05 Sue Bickerdike
119 finished

Official results, used these to calculate League results.

Wharfedale Primary Schools XC, Sat 10 Nov

Another bumper turnout of 600+ children, in the 2nd race in the series, this one hosted by Westville House School, at the Rugby Club. Results on our Junior Pages.

Parkruns, Sat 10 Nov

From Henry Heavisides ... the course for the Bradford Lister Park Parkrun is very different to the one at Leeds Hyde Park which I ran last week. It has wide well surfaced paths so congestion isn't a problem & there's no mud. The main challenge however is the hill which is climbed 3 times, then an extra uphill section at the end. I finished 5th a few seconds slower than last week.

Quick reminder that this course is a IH Race League counter, on 22 Dec

Bradford Lister Park
5   19:09 Henry Heavisides

Leeds Hyde Park
306 31:25 Lyn Towers

South Manchester
4   9:05 Rob Cunningham

Guy Fawkes 10, Sun 4 Nov

From George Elmes ... went across to watch Julie run this morning. It was absolutely freezing but very picturesque around the castle with the thick mist swirling around it. Saw a number of Ikley vests out competing.
Julie again continued her steady improvement during the course of this year knocking off nearly 8mins of her previous PB on this course.

Results from ...

(1    54:56 Jack Simpson, Leeds)
46  1:05:53 Jamie Hutchinson
59  1:07:32 Jonathan Sinclair 1st V50
78  1:09:20 Andrew Merrick
307 1:23:13 William Worboys
382 1:26:50 Helen Horton
383 1:26:50 Nigel Tapper
478 1:32:27 Sue Bickerdike
562 1:36:44 Julie Elmes
577 1:37:15 Judith Scarfe
632 1:40:19 Michelle Snow
794 finished

See the IH Race League update.

Lancaster Half Marathon, Sun 4 Nov

From Andrew Sheldon ... Went across for this race quite hopeful following on from Berlin. The conditions on the day were excellent, sunny, cold air, with hardly any wind. Most of the race was on dry road and path, although there is a mile or so of slightly muddy trail that had to be traversed on the way out and again on the return. It is mostly flat, a bit of incline between 6 and 8 miles but it's okay. My time cut half a minute or so off previous best, but I found it much harder going than expected, finishing in 1.37.58

(1  1:11:32 Iain Quinn, Barrow & Furness Striders AC)
115 1:37:58 Andrew Sheldon

Open 5, Pentland Hills, Sun 4 Nov

Ben Joynson reports ... I finished 16th out of 46 in the male solo class with a score of 475. The results were very close with only a few check points separating the top 20. A good first race and looking forward to the next. Open 5

Run Sunday, Sun 4 Nov

Results from this weekly 3 mile timed run...

1  18:40 Dave Wilby
3  19:29 Euan Brennan Jun MJ11 record
8  22:15 Kelly Harrison record
9  22:33 Jacob Hellewell Jun MJ12 record
11 22:54 Tilly Melechi Jun
24 29:06 Lana Melechi Jun FJ10 record
25 29:06 Toni Melechi
28 30:31 Emma Payne
37 finished

Shepherds Skyline, Sat 3 Nov

Woodentops photos

From Will Buckton ... B Short - 10km/350m climb A fast muddy run out to Stoodley Pike and back, with a big climb on the way back! Results from Tod Harriers ...

(1 44:56 Karl Gray CVFR)
20 50:39 Martin Archer
59 56:23 Jim Ryder
60 56:27 Will Buckton
195 1h09:52 Graham Breeze
206 1h11:03 Kelly Harrison
264 finished

Parkruns, Sat 3 Nov

From Henry Heavisides ... Parkruns continue to grow. At Leeds Hyde Park this morning there were 361 runners and there are now more than 150 Parkruns around the country, all offering free 5k races at 9am. In addition there are Parkruns in 9 other countries. Conditions weren't ideal today in Leeds, it was cold, wet & muddy underfoot in places & so many runners on narrow paths making it very congested. I finished 15th in 19:00.

Bradford Lister Park
34  22:18 Chris Cunningham
93  25:28 Tom Jackson
129 27:29 Janet Smith
214 33:17 Lauren Jackson

41 23:51 Diane Haggar

Harrogate Stray
87 25:49 Eric Morley

Leeds Hyde Park
15  19:00 Henry Heavisides
144 24:14 John Marshall

Leeds Roundhay
19  21:14 Geoffrey Howard

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