Ilkley Harriers news archive 2012

Ilkley Harriers of the Month, October

Caz Farrow 1st lady at Rivington Trail Half marathon then ran in our Ian Hodgson team the next day Also nominated: Tilly Melechi - first lady at Beefy's Nab fell race and setting a new ladies record at Run Sunday! (NB HoM rules do not allow juniors to receive the award, and we needed to consider recent precedents for this, but congratulations on her nomination.)
Helen Horton - fabulous FV50 time for her first marathon in Berlin 3.47.54 which will earn her a good for age place in London Marathon. Solid commitment to training and great determination despite injuries. (September)
Ian Rowbotham - 4th in the Para P Company Challenge (September)
Jamie Hutchinson - won the Harewood 5
Lee Morley - top results incl, 8th Gt Whernside, 19th Withins, 57th WYXC,  FRA and Ian Hodgson Relays
Bradley Chapman - strong team runs at FRA and Ian Hodgson Relays
Will Buckton For steadily-improving results incl, 30th Gt Whernside, 49th Withins, 116th WYXC, Langdale Horseshoe

Earlier Harriers of the Month ...

Harewood Trail Races, Sun 28 Oct

From Henry Heavisides ... There was lots of mud and also a few hills for the Harewood trail races, there were 2 miles, 5 miles & 10 miles options. Ben Joynson was first Ilkley Harrier to finish in the 10 miles race, with a few of us getting bogged down somewhere behind him. Provisional results from Valley Striders

10 mile
(1  59:36 Daniel Jenkin, Durham City Harriers)
40  71:04 Ben Joynson
63  74:02 Henry Heavisides
93  76:59 Richard Reeve
122 79:37 Kate Archer
167 84:38 Andrew Jackson
181 85:48 Alison Bennett
245 94:12 Paul Sugden
363 finished

5 mile
1  32:22 Jamie Hutchinson
6  36:04 Geoff Howard
65 50:30 Sally Wright
82 53:47 Andrew Bennett
107 finished

2 mile (juniors)
1  12:27 Euan Brennan
6  13:25 Dominic Coy
30 15:43 Jordan Ince
31 15:43 Jeremy Ince
41 16:21 Poppy Anderson
53 17:16 Molly Pearson
125 finished

The 10 mile race was a counter in the Ilkley Harriers Race League

Preston Marathon, Sun 28 Oct

Martin Wright reports ... When the organisers say a course is undulating and the weathermen say there will be heavy rain and wind, perhaps you should listen. However, with the lactic and the hypothermia now abated, I would say it was well organised and surprising well supported. Good day out but no surprise that it was won by a fish!

( 1 2:21:33 Ben Fish Blackburn Harriers)
415 3:53:01 Martin Wright
776 4:27:27 John Marshall
1132 finished

Worksop Half Marathon, Sun 28 Oct

Mark Hall reports ... this week I headed south to take part in the well established Worksop Half Marathon. With more than 2000 runners it attracts a quality field. Once again, this is not a PB course, with a big part of the route taking in the undulating Clumber Park. I finished 14th overall in a time of 75 mins and 39 seconds (1st MV50). The race was won by Stuart Spencer of Notts AC in 69mins 13seconds.

Mark's run beats the Club V50 Club Record of 81:31 set by Henry Heavisides at the 2010 Brass Monkey, and the 79:21 V45 record set by Jonathan Sinclair at the 2007 GNR.

Bronte Way, Sun 28 Oct

Just a few Harriers in this KCAC event:

(1  52:51 Lee Athersmith, Bingley
96  77:09 John Coates
110 80:46 Graham Breeze
168 finished

OMM, 27/28 Oct

From Dave Wilby ... I was fortunate enough to team up with Steve Birkinshaw for this years OMM. Steve won the Dragons Back race in September and has a very long list of previous KIMM/OMM Elite podium finishes including 7 wins, so I knew I was in for a hard time. Setting off at a good pace we made pretty good progress early on, as we attempted to negotiate the 39km/3100m (Elite Course, Ed) Day 1 route via long grassy contours, steep climbs and some frozen tussocks. For the first few hours I was holding my own and I was shovelling chocolate bars down my neck at a rate of knots trying to fuel the fire, but once we'd gone past half way and crossed Wild Boar Fell, I was struggling to hold on up the long tussocky climbs. Finally with just 20 minutes left to the finish the elastic snapped for good, my body started to give up and I couldn't even see straight. Steve took both packs while I flailed behind desperately trying not to hold him up too much. Our efforts had left us in a not too bad 4th place after 6:48hrs, but with a disappointing gap of 40 minutes to the leading pair. However, overnight Steve's knee swelled up worryingly and by the morning he could barely hobble round the camp. We did set off but retired within a few hundred yards, neither of us wanting to risk pushing on only to see him end up with a more serious injury. Although it was really disappointing not to get the opportunity to press on for a high place finish, it was a great experience competing with Steve, and opened my eyes to what's required to really make that next step up in MM's. Hopefully next year will bring another opportunity.

From John Hayes ... Sarah and I last ran the OMM together (then, of course, the KIMM) back in 1989. We were students at the time. By coincidence, it was in the Howgill Fells then also. One thing I remember very clearly is both of us resolving at the end NEVER to run it TOGETHER again. I don't remember this being the consequence of squabbling. Rather, it was the pain, the horrid weather and the endless contouring.
23 years later, we broke our (very sensible) pact and headed up to this year's event to do the medium score. Some things don't change. It was freezing cold on the first day and wet and misty on day two. The endless contouring was still there to haunt us. Either that or you had to go up and over - just as bad. But despite this we had a great time and surprised ourselves by coming 85th. And in the process I have discovered something that has eluded me all these years - the secret of successful navigation. It is to go slowly. Years and years of running around like a maniac have done me no good at all in orienteering events. I overshoot flags, get lost or run 180 degrees in the wrong direction. But when forced to go at a more steady pace I concentrate on the map. And - hey presto - we never got lost at all.
There are some other changes since 1989. Portaloos instead of a communal trench. Competitors crammed into tiny weeny tents made out of (?) crepe paper and weighing not much more than a Mars bar. And (an unwelcome change) the sound of pop music from an iPhone carried by "Wayne", our "neighbour" at the overnight camp. Wayne, it turned out, was doing the medium score too. Whilst Sarah asked him politely to switch his music off, I just scowled at him. We don't cover ourselves in mud, get exhausted, put a tent up in the rain on a slope and sit eating packet soup only to experience the same kind of pop music you find blaring out (sadly) on most modern day campsites. And so when poor Wayne got disqualified on day 2, I wasn't too sad. Was this wrong of me? Probably.

From Rachel Hagan ... The last time Paddy and I entered a mountain marathon together was in 2008, the ill-fated Lake District OMM when we'd struggled through gale-force winds and nearly been washed away in a swollen river – only to arrive at the overnight camp to find that the event had been abandoned. So we were in no hurry to do another one, until we heard this year's OMM was in those lovely, almost local, Howgills. That'll be a nice couple of days away, we thought.
What we'd forgotten was that the Howgills are extremely steep, smooth-sided, and have very few paths - with controls fiendishly placed to make competitors do the maximum up and down in order to gain any points!
We'd entered the medium score, on the understanding that we could at least keep going even if we were dead slow. As it was, the weather was beautiful on Day 1 and we had quite a spring in our step as we yomped across the frosty slopes, admiring the stunning views across to the Lakes. We even managed to run for the last half-hour to make it to the overnight camp in time.
Day 2 dawned murky and drizzly, and we spent what felt like hours sinking in bogs and trying to avoid the steeper hills (fat chance). After 4 hours, I'd had enough, and Paddy was literally having to haul me up the slopes with a handy piece of rope he'd found on the hillside. We finished early, legs like boards, and depressed to see that everyone else seemed to be moving much faster.
Revived by a cup of soup and warm bus ride to the event centre, we were delighted to discover we had finished 4th mixed vets. We might even be persuaded to do another one now!

Some results below ... any other Harriers in the full results?

B class
27 12:42:45 Outi Kamarainen + 1, 2nd female pair

C Class
4 9:08:53 Peter & Florence Haines, 1st mixed pair, 1st parent/child

Medium Score class
64  10:21:18 365 points Rachel & Paddy Hagan
85  10:17:19 325 John & Sarah Hayes
111 12:04:05 303 Rachael & Kevin Gooch

Great Whernside, Sat 27 Oct

Results from FRA, photos on

(1 32:20 Ian Holmes, Bingley)
8  34:22 Lee Morley
30 40:50 Will Buckton
32 41:01 Bradley Chapman
43 42:44 Richard Joel
65 45:19 Bob Hamilton
88 50:58 Alison Weston
116 finished

Parkruns, Sat 27 Oct

Bradford Lister Park
20  21:24 Richard Hinsley
44  23:39 William Worboys
138 30:36 Charlie Smith
140 30:41 Janet Smith

Social Run, Sat 27 Oct

Thanks to Paul O'Looney for organising an exploratory run over the new slab paths on Ilkley Moor this morning. The two Ilkley Cycling Club members who joined us (welcome!) ran well, must be something in this cycling lark ... Lots of photos on our Facebook Group page.

Tuesday nights

After feedback at last week's social we'll try to introduce a little more order to affairs on Tuesday nights ...

We'll try rolling out these changes over the next few weeks, but will do what we can tonight.

Withins fell race, Sun 21 Oct

Will Buckton reports ... another glorious day and an excellent turnout of Harriers for the first Woodentops fell race of the season. Quite a few were running on the back of the WYXC with Jack Wood again taking 1st Harrier, with more tape required for his shoes! Lee Morley also made the top 20 and Jann Smith continued her run of form with 3rd lady. Bradley finished covered head to toe in mud after falling into all the bogs! Great support on the course for the 300+ runners with a Curly Wurly for everyone.

Julie and supporters

Results from ... (photos too).

(1  42:32 Ian Holmes, Bingley)
10  47:56 Jack Wood
19  49:27 Lee Morley
49  54:16 Will Buckton
68  56:03 Nick Pearce
73  56:20 Steve Weston
74  56:21 Toni Melechi
107 58:43 Bradley Chapman
115 59:26 Jann Smith  3rd lady
124 59:59 Neil Smith
156 62:40 Sarah Haines
164 63:20 Alistair Wood
190 65:13 Alison Weston
260 74:09 Sue Morley
268 76:03 Sophie Brown
301 93:12 Julie Elmes
303 finished

Ilkley's ladies took the team prize!

Lots of good junior results too, with 25 children running, more details on the junior pages.

Accrington 10k, Sun 21 Oct

From Mark Hall ... we travelled into Lancashire today to try a new event, the Accrington 10k road race, which according to the entry form was fast. Beth informed me that this was very unlikely due to the fact that it was in Accrington. Choosing to ignore her (I should have known better as women are always right!!!) we went ahead anyway. To briefly sum up the course, 4 miles uphill, 2 miles downhill - no fast bits! Beth (Massey) had a very good run to finish 2nd lady (1st FV40) in 40:42 and Mark finished 2nd male (1st MV50) in a disappointing 34:56 having hoped for a faster run out in preparation for the Abbey Dash.

(1 34:44 Jonathan Ferguson, Rossendale Tri)
2  34:56 Mark Hall
24 40:42 Beth Massey
189 finished

Henry Heavisides comments ... this has broken one of the longer-standing Club records, Paddy Holmes' 35.25 from the 1989 Ribble Valley race.

Run Sunday, Sun 21 Oct

Results from this weekly 3 mile timed run...

(1 19:05 Duncan Burgess, Skyrac)
8  23:44 Graham Breeze
24 finished

WYXC #1, Wetherby, Sat 20 Oct

From Dave Westhead ... A sunny afternoon for the first cross country of the season in Wetherby, and an excellent turn out from Ilkley runners. With one or two of the regulars for this series out injured it was great to see some new young runners and some fell runners who don't normally turn out in muddy parks. A great team result and an excellent start to the season.

Will Buckton adds ... A great turnout of Harriers for the first XC of the season and my first one ever! It was very warm for late October with good conditions underfoot. Two short laps of a rugby field sorted the pack into order before three long undulating laps of the bigger field. Well done to everyone who ran for Ilkley especially Jack Wood who was first Harrier in the men's race in his old taped up fell shoes! It was a great experience to take part in such a big event and I'm looking forward to the rest of the series.

Results from

(1  20:25 Katie Walshaw, Holmfirth)
9   21:50 Sally Morley
32  23:38 Beth Massey
34  23:51 Emma Barclay
52  24:55 Sally Malir
60  25:20 Alison Eagle
62  25:22 Kate Archer
80  26:42 Kelly Harrison
122 32:40 Julie Elmes
126 37:40 Lyn Eden
126 finished
5th out of 16 teams

(1  28:36 James Walsh, Leeds City)
32  32:17 Jack Wood
48  33:00 Dave Wilby
57  33:19 Lee Morley
105 35:40 Steve Weston
106 35:43 Mark Iley
116 36:11 Will Buckton
124 36:27 Nick Pearce
143 37:50 Ben Joynson
172 40:03 Bradley Chapman
208 52:49 Jim Towers
209 finished
11th out of 17 teams

In addition 32 juniors ran, with some excellent team results.

This was a counter in the Ilkley Harriers Race League

Parkruns, Sat 20 Oct

22  20:41 Geoff Howard
98  25:27 Eric Morley

Leeds Hyde Park
118 23:18 William Worboys

Bradford Lister Park
48  22:29 Chris Cunningham

UKA British Hill & Fell Relay Championships, Sun 14 Oct

From Clare Smith ... We were lucky to have another fantastic sunny day for the relays in Church Stretton today. Our 3 teams ran really well and there was a wonderful atmosphere, with everyone being very supportive of all their team mates. Thanks to all who ran for the Club!.
Results from Sportident.

(1  3:16:25  Mercia FR)
21  4:00:20  Bradley Chapman/Dave Wilby/Mark Mon-Williams/Jack Wood/
             Lee Morley/Martin Archer
91  4:55:56  Alison Eagle/Kate Archer/Jann Smith/Alison Weston/
             Rebecca Mon-Williams/Sally Morley
130 5:40:17 Alison Bennett/Outi Kamarainen/Natalie Curtiss/Val Kerr/
             Clare Smith/Kelly Harrison
151 teams finished

Click for Alison W's photos on FilckR

Photos by Alison Weston and others on FlickR

Wistow 10k, Sun 14 Oct

Heavisides Henry reports ... three of us travelled over to Selby for what I believe was the first running of the Wistow 10k. The course is totally flat on very quiet country lanes, the only thing that stopped it being a fast 10k was the wind that seemed to appear from nowhere halfway through the race. Beth Massey was 3rd lady.

(1 33:23 Darran Bilton, Leeds)
19 37:58 Henry Heavisides 2nd V50
32 40:05 Nick Pearce
33 40:15 Beth Massey 2nd F40
214 finished

Coventry Half Marathon, Sun 14 Oct

Sally Wright reports ... I travelled back to my home town for my first half marathon. Was a surprisingly scenic course mainly on country lanes except the beginning and end but lots of hills provided a challenge along the way. Anyway finished in 2hours 13

Pentland Skyline, Sun 14 Oct

Hector Haines won this 16 mile/6,200' Scottish race, though in the colours of his Scottish club. Results ...

1   2:27:37 Hector Haines
143 3:46:42 Peter Haines
200 4:10:06 Sarah Haines
250 finished

Run Sunday, Sun 14 Oct

Results from this weekly 3 mile timed run...

(1 18:31 Jonathan Forey)
6  19:57 Toni Melechi
9  22:18 Tilly Melechi  New Ladies Record!
13 24:09 Graham Breeze
42 finished

Langdale Horseshoe, Sat 13 Oct

Alistair Barlow reports ... Had a fantastic day in the Lakes running in the Langdale Horseshoe along with several other Harriers. After a grey and misty start we emerged into the sunshine and glorious views on Thunacar Knott. Conditions improved through the race although the perfect visibility didn't stop me falling waist deep into a mossy bog on the way to Stake Pass ... all part of the fun! I made it a hat trick of falls with two further stumbles on the tough going from Esk Hause to Ore gap. I just about managed to keep the legs going on the long and sunny descent from Pike O' Blisco to finish in 2:55. Dick Waddington, utilising some running lines he'd reccied the week before, finished shortly after in 3:02 - 30 minutes quicker than last year. Will Buckton and Jonathan Sinclair finished in about 3:15, Will after an unintended excursion around Crinkle Crags.
At the start there was a minute's silence followed by applause in memory of Darren Holloway ... a nice touch.

John Hayes adds ... This is a great race. It has big climbs, some interesting route choice and a friendly atmosphere amongst the runners. Most of the route is on classic mountain terrain with only a few sections spoiled by paved footways. But I will say no more about them (please add your comments to the forum if - like me - you are dismayed by those intent on paving over our favourite fell-running routes).
In the race I set off slowly and having stumbled up the long climb for the first few miles I then plunged into a bog. This seems to happen to me each time I'm up there. I may wear swimming trunks next year. Feeling cold and wet my spirits lifted when I noticed almost the entire field was off course whilst snaking up the steep valley side towards Angle Tarn. I took the better line and cheered up considerably as I overtook all of the runners who had passed me when I was waist deep in the bog... After then I felt much better. I didn't get lost (like last year) on Crinkle Crags and (being a wimp) I avoided the "bad step" completely - a good move as not only is it scary but it had a queue. At Red Tarn there was one climb to go (over Pike O'Blisco). Special thanks go here to Helen Waddington and Jane McCarthy who were there cheering on myself and other Ilkley runners (including Dick Waddington who had a brilliant race). Jane offered me an energy gel (that I had given her at the start) which I politely declined. However, the runner behind me gratefully took it from her. Unfortunately, these gels seem to have magic effects and he skipped past me on the way to the finish. In some small way, therefore, I contributed to my relatively lowly finishing position!

Results from the Ambleside AC website ...

(1  2:13:14 Ben Abdelnoor, Ambleside)
68  2:55:40 Alistair Barlow
85  3:02:37 Dick Waddington
114 3:09:49 Jonathan Sinclair
144 3:21:28 Will Buckton
207 3:35:08 John Hayes
249 3:53:42 Andrew Wilson
291 finished

BOFRA Wasdale Head fell race, Sat 13 Oct

From Jann Smith ... this was the last BOFRA Championship race of a season of 16 races which runs from May to October. A brutal climb up and back down the extremely steep and rocky Kirk Fell next to Scafell Pike. BOFRA take the results of your best 8 races to calculate overall Championship points. Mark Mon-Williams was also there but unfortunately had to pull out due to bad asthma near the top. This was my first year attempting these short and very sharp technical races. Kirsty Hall from Wharfedale won the senior women's title overall with me 2nd and Rebecca Mon-Williams 3rd. Both Iain Gibbons and Mark Mon-Williams were around the top ten mark in the men's and the juniors were well represented, so overall some great results for the Club.

(1 37:19 Alastair Dunn, Helm Hill)
6  40:34 Iain Gibbons
24 54:14 Jann Smith  2nd lady, 1st F40
46 finished

Well done to Jann who followed this with a run in our team at the UKA Relays in Shropshire, what a star! Paul

Parkruns, Sat 13 Oct

Well done to Julie Elmes whose Harrogate Parkrun 25:31 was a PB by 34s!

41  21:52 Norman Bush
110 25:31 Julie Elmes

Leeds Hyde Park
163 24:41 John Marshall

Bradford Lister Park
174 29:42 Martyn Pearson
183 30:37 Molly Pearson
184 30:38 Debbie Pearson

The Ilkley Harriers AGM, Tue 9 Oct

At the 2012 Annual General Meeting (postponed from 25th September) a new Committee was elected for 2012-2013, and the proposal to increase membership subs for 2012/2013 by £5/person (and £15 if you wish to compete on track or field) was agreed.

Ian Hodgson Mountain Relays, Sun 7 Oct

Quick report from Clare Smith ... a fantastic day in the Lakes at the Ian Hodgson Mountain Relays where our men's team came in 10th overall, and the girls were 4th ladies' team. Superb! Thanks to everyone for running.
Results on Sportident

1  3:37:44 Borrowdale
10 4:10:47 Bradley Chapman & Martin Archer, Lee Morley & Jack Wood,
           Iain Gibbons & Mark Mon-Williams, Dave Wilby & Tom Adams
38 5:01:23 Sally Morley & Caz Farrow, Kate Archer & Jann Smith,
           Alison Weston & Nicky Jaquiery, Andrea Priestley & Tracey Greenway
64 teams

Click for Alison W's photos on FilckR

More of Alison Weston's photos on FlickR

Malham charity relays, Sun 7 Oct

Spotted just one Harrier, Norman Bush, but he was in the (mixed club) winning team in this BOFRA event

Beefy's Nab, Sun 7 Oct

Congratulations to U14 Tilly Melechi who was first lady at this local short fell race today (her first senior win, well done Tilly!). Photos on Woodentops. Newspaper report. Results from KCAC...

(1 21:19 Joseph Crossfiled, Halifax)
12 23:58 Toni Melechi
27 27:43 Tilly Melechi
36 30:06 Graham Breeze
48 finishers

Royal Parks Half Marathon, Sun 7 Oct

(1   1:12:32 Martyn Bean, Help A Capital Child)
4400 1:56:05 Alison Ricci
11762 finished

YVAA Grand Prix, Sun 7 Oct

Alison Eagle reports ... a lovely start uphill in muddy woods onto road & track then back into the muddy woods. As usual well organised, friendly race. One more to go!

(1 41:18 Julie Field, Stainland)
3  43:11 Alison Eagle, 1st LV50
81 finished

Chester Marathon, Sun 7 Oct

From Rob Cunningham ... a really well organised event, course takes you round the city before heading out onto mainly country lanes, crossing the border into Wales before returning along the River Dee to a grandstand finish at the racecourse. Near perfect conditions on the day, results ...

(1  2:28:46 Ray Ward, Hunters Bog Trotters)
143 3:08:20 Rob Cunningham
727 3:45:15 Crispian Batstone?
3199 finished

Interesting note ... Ray Ward's wife Clare used to be in t'Harriers!

Run Sunday, Sun 7 Oct

Results from this weekly 3 mile timed run...

(1 17:52 Thomas Midgley, Otley AC)
3  22:16 Andrew Jackson
39 ran

Rab Mountain Marathon, 6-7 Oct

Rebecca Mon-Williams reports ... Mountain Marathons held in October are usually (in my mind) associated with grey skies, lashing rain and swirling mist ... this was NOT the case with this weekend's RAB held in the Cheviots, Northumberland. Two days of glorious sunshine with magnificent scenery and beautiful running made for a great event. The overnight campsite was huddled in the midst of tall, soft, rounded hills and the hard frost in the morning was a small price to pay (now!) for the wonderful sunset and sunrise in clear skies. Competent but relaxed organisation and friendly atmosphere make this an event which many would enjoy.

Standard Class
(1  680 10:39:30 Daniel Gooch)
57  425 10:48:48 Sue Booth and Rebecca Mon-Williams (1st Ladies team)
100 370 11:02:46 Kevin and Rachael Gooch
231 teams

Northern Athletics XC Relay Championship, Sat 6 Oct

Mark Iley reports ... Three fine and svelte-like Ilkley Veterans travelled down to Graves Park, Sheffield for the Northern Athletics XC championship fresh from their recent success in the Road Relay event in Saltaire hoping for another podium placing.
Conditions were perfect on this fine afternoon. First to set off was new recruit to the team, Nick Pearce, who ran a fine first leg for this 2 mile cross country park run, placing the team 6th in our V50 category with his time of 13:30. Nick handed over to Mark Iley who ran a fast leg at 13:10 improving the team to 5th, handing over to anchorman, Eddie Irving, who ran a good leg too, finishing in 13:12 and improving us to 4th, and only 2 secs behind the 3rd place. So close! A good trip nevertheless.

V50 category 
1 37:09 Sheffield AC
2 38:23 Loftus & Whitby
3 39:50 Rotherham
4 39:52 Ilkley Harriers

Rivington Trail Half Marathon, Sat 6 Oct

From Caz Farrow ... I was first lady in 1hr 40mins (no official results yet) Would have been fairly good hilly trail, were it not for the huge amounts of recent rain reducing it to bog in part!

Coniston 15K trail race Sat 6 Oct

Ben Joynson was 37th from 279 finishers, time 1h12.

Parkruns, Sat 6 Oct

Harrogate Stray
17  20:20 Geoff Howard
39  22:61 Phil Hirst

Bradford Lister Park
126 27:22 Janet Smith

Leeds Hyde Park
31  19:59 Will Buckton
32  20:01 Ken Souyave

Wharfedale Primary Schoools XC, Sat 6 Oct

Over 600 Primary School chlidren ran in the first race in this year's League, co-ordinated by Ilkley Harriers' Shirley Wood, and with many Harriers parents and grandparents! involved. Results on the junior pages

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